Email gives us the liberty to avail seamless and secured correspondence with our friends and colleagues. Email undoubtedly leads the way in today’s communication framework. Yahoo has a massive userbase under its belt as far as its email division is a concern. It enriched with all the right ingredient which used to enhance the user experience. There are various issues we usually encountered on our Yahoo account. Connecting with Yahoo expert will let you keep the email issues at bay. Either you want to retrieve your password or dealing with some error code, Yahoo experts are present at your service.

Typical anomalies we generally face on our Yahoo account on the regular premise.

Yahoo Mail app not responding

Yahoo mail app might not be work legitimately due to the following scenario.

●    Yahoo mail app is not updated.

●    The backend of the application may clog with app data and cache files.

●    The device plagued with Malware or some pernicious files.

Here is something you can do to fix this issue

●    Don’t use outdated application. Navigate to the PlayStore and update the application immediately.

●    Clear app data and cache files from the application settings.

●    Conduct a Malware scan and then reboot the device.

 You must connect with Yahoo customer care if the workarounds mentioned above failed to resolve the problem.

Yahoo app not working on iOS devices.

Using Yahoo app on iOS devices is a different experience altogether. Unlike the desktop version, Yahoo iOS-based application offers more authority in terms of seamless performance. Unfortunately, if this application is not working legitimately on your iPhone then make sure to update the app and reboot the device. Probably this the best way to bring the application back to action.

How to sync Microsoft Outlook data with Yahoo?

The outlook is a primary choice for professional around the globe. With Outlook at your disposal, you can consolidate appointments, messages, and other crucial data in a single program. To sync Outlook data with Yahoo, first, you will need to get the Outlook on your system and then create a free Yahoo account. The following advances will let you do that with ease.

●    Open your web browser and hover to

●    Install Outlook on your system.

●    Open your Yahoo account and go to the Mail option.

●    Now enable the Point-of-Presence (POP) number option.

●    Get back to your Outlook account and click tools on the top toolbar.

●    Click the drop-down menu of the “Account Settings.”

●    From the menu option, choose New.

●    Enter your Yahoo credential in the given field and click Next.

●    Click Finish to wrap up the procedure.

I can’t get rid of my Yahoo email, what to do?

Try the below method, if you’re not comfortable with some of the emails and wants to get rid off quickly.

●    Open the Yahoo Mail and then sign in.

●    Don’t dive straight into the settings, first ensure that you’re using the updated version of your account.

●    To update your account, hover to the left side of the page, and click the blue tab.

●    In your inbox, check the box near the email you want to delete.

●    Move your cursor at the top of the mailbox and click delete tab.

●    Click the deleted item on the left side of the inbox.

●    Click the Trash icon and then tap on the OK tab.

How to create an additional email address in Yahoo?

Check out the following steps to add to a new account on your Yahoo email.

●    From your web browser, go to the Yahoo sign-in page.

●    Enter your account details and Click Sign in.

●    Click Mail on the top-right corner of the email interface.

●    From your inbox, Click the Settings tab on the top-right corner of the page. 

●    Click More Settings at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

●    Hover to the left side of the page, Click Mailboxes tab.

●    Explore the Email alias and then click Add.

●    Now enter the email address you want to add and click set up.

Why do you need to choose Yahoo customer care?

Email issues are somewhat distracting and irritating in nature. With our in-depth expertise, you can resolve email issues with authority. Besides, we also offer round the clock assessability to the certified Yahoo live chat expert and experienced technicians. Now troubleshoot your email issues with ease with Yahoo live service expert. This is the best way to stay abreast of the different email problems. The user from Australia can contact the Yahoo customer support technicians through a toll-free number.