Windows 8 is, by far, is the most confusing iteration of the Windows operating system. Unlike its predecessors, Window 8 seems to be less mature on the functionality front. It has plagued with some severe bottleneck and glitches that tend to become more prevalent with time. Nonetheless, to safeguards your OS with these problems effectively, it is advisable to connect with Windows 8 Live Chat.

Here’s are some common loopholes with Windows 8

Explorer.exe crashing frequently

Windows 8 tends to render this complex issue to the user from time to time. The problem cranks typically up when the user installed the latest version of the OS. The Explorer.exe crashes frequently and make life difficult for the users.

The primary reason behind this issue is the poor synchronization between the OS and the hardware driver. To Restore the problem, you have to take advantage of the “Refresh My PC” feature. To avail that feature, you need to go to the Settings and hover to Change PC Settings. Now you need to select the Update and Recovery and open Recovery. After that, head over to Refresh your PC option and click Get Started. This little manoeuvring will lead to the reinstallation of Windows with affecting the files and data. With that said, make sure to back up your data before a refresh to avoid any probable mishaps.

Blue screen effect

The Blue screen effect is undoubtedly the most sought matter of concern among Window 8 users. It causes the system to unexpected restarts and crashes. The issue is complex and requires some precise measures to get resolved. Generally, the blue screen effect caused by software.

Here’s something you can do to fix this issue

  • Explore the Charms Bar and tap on Settings.
  • Head to the Change PC settings and select Update and recovery.
  • Click Check Now and then Install button to download and install missing updates.

It this doesn’t get rid off the issue.

  • Open the device manager.
  • Here you need to click the connected hardware from the list.
  • This will leads you to the driver menu.
  • Now under the Driver tab, click the update driver option. 

Error code  0xc0000004

The error sounds common to tech nerds, but not to the novices. The error code 0xc0000004 normally occurs when too many applications were running on the system, causing a resources leak. The error code could create much discomfort for the users. To fix this annoying error code, close all the active program Tand reboot the system.

Error code 0xc0000005

The error code 0xc0000005 is a result of third-party application trying to access the system file without any authorization. Contact the professional to get quick support on the problem.

Error code 0xc0000008

This error code usually occurs when your system face storage outage to run the operation that the user has assigned to the application. Consider optimizing the hard drive to fix this error code without any trouble or connect with the expert to grab subtle information on that.

Error code 29

The user confronts this error code typically after failing to read or write from a file on an external device. Here are the three prominent drivers that might be generating the error code 29.

The external device is not connected to the system for which you’re trying to access.

Connection ends up inactive due to hardware issue or some software bugs.

Drivers are missing from the system, which is used to executes the external devices.

Connect with Windows 8 experts to get a clear picture on the issue.

How to avail the best in class support on Windows 8?

Windows 8 is an ambitious OS that programmed to out classed any other rivals in its category. However, we all knew how’s that goes in real-life scenerio. Windows 8 is weived around too many compromises, and it has an awkward nature to goes down from time to time. The operating system is prone to technical issues regardless of their advancement and performance. However, there is the smartest way by which you can keep yourself abreast of these downfalls. Contacting Windows 8 Live Chat Customer Support will let understand the subtlest nuance of this operating system so that you can fix its loose ends without much of a trouble. The Windows 8 customer support and Windows 8 customer care expert offers the best of the service to the users across Australia.