Windows 10 operating system launched way back in the year 2015. It is the successor to Windows 8.1 which heavily criticized for its deceptive interface and less polished features. Anyway, Windows 10 is an authentic OS which is supremely minimal and triggers high productivity. If you have some trouble with this operating system, you can connect with our top of the line Windows 10 live service or Windows 10 customer support professionals anytime. Windows Live Chat Service and Windows 10 customer care service the client across the entire demographic of Australia.

Common issues that user faced on Windows 10 operating system

Windows Updates can’t get on board.

This quandary usually appears when Windows Update files get corrupted due to the issue. Thus wiping out those sort of file can eventually resolve the problem. Follow the given directions to fix the problem.

●    Press Win+R keys together to get access to the Run dialogue.

●    Type “C:\Windows\Software Distribution\Download” in the Run command box and press OK.

●    Now you will land on the File Explorer where you need to get rid off all the files/folders in this directory.

●    Note: If you can’t delete the files, boot the Windows into ‘safe mode’ and follow the same procedure again.

●    Reboot your system and try running the Windows Update again

Windows store can’t update applications.

The issue appears when your system cluttered by unnecessary cache files, causing frequent problems including this one. Thus, you need to clear up those cache files in the following manner to counteract the issue.

●    Press Win+R keys together to get access to the Run dialogue box.

●    Type “WSReset.exe” in the run window box and click OK

●    A black window will emerge on the screen that will auto-close after some time.

●    Windows Store will also open after that and try installing or updating apps now.

Login issues with Microsoft account

Auto-login using the Microsoft account is disabled by default on Windows 10; thus, you need to enable this feature in the following way.

●    Press Win+R keys together to get access to the Run dialogue box.

●    Type  “netplwiz” in the run dialogue box and hit the Enter key.

●    On the next window, click to select the account to want to enable “automatic login”.

●    Deselect  ‘Users must enter a username and password to use this computer’ option by unticking its nearby box.

●    Enter the password and click OK.

●    Contact the professional at Windows customer support, if the given method fails to render a positive result.

User unable to locate System Restore

System restore is turned off by default. To get it back on your OS, avail the following advances.

●    On the Window taskbar, click the Start tab.

●    Type system restore in the search field and choose Create a restore point.

●    Click the system protection tab on the system properties panel.

●    Choose the C drive and press Configure.

●    Click the radio button.

●    Set the slider accordingly for the storage consumption to use for a restore point.

Incorrect privacy settings

If you want to adhere more control over the personal data then customized privacy settings is right for you. Change the privacy settings in the following way.

●    Click the Start menu and explore the Settings Start menu

●    Select Privacy.

●    On the left pane, Verify different section such as General, location, camera, and microphone.

●    Review the settings carefully and toggle switches to adjust as per your requirement.

Innumerable notifications

Frequent notifications could be distracting for the user. The Action center feature in Windows 10 can be confined those notifications to one secure location on your system. However, it quickly drains by messages over time. Luckily, you can disable it in the following way.

●    Choose settings from the Startup menu.

●    Select system and click Notifications & Actions.

●    Use the toggle switches to control the notifications.

Windows 10 utilizing incorrect network spectrum

The personal hot spot is one of the conducive to access high-speed internet. If you’re using it for your system, the last thing you don’t want is your downloads consume all your bandwidth. Here’s how to put a brake on this anomaly.

●    Explore the settings from the Start menu.

●    Navigate to Network and Internet and choose Wi-Fi

●    Click the Advanced option.

●    Now turn on the “Set as metered connection” option.