Thunderbird is an open-source, cross-platform email application developed by Mozilla Foundation. It is free to use and available to the user across the globe. It is highly-customizable and equipped with tons of great features. Although Mozilla is the most excellent email client in all aspect, it often hindered by the technical issues. If you’re experiencing trouble with the email account in term of error code or other technological glitches, get in touch with Thunderbird customer service.

General snags with Thunderbird email platform

  • Filelink Setup issues
  • Email client can’t receive to send the messages.
  • A problem in downloading the large attachment.
  • Error codes on the Thunderbird account.
  • Thunderbird Error Code -12263
  • Gmail and Thunderbird configuration problem.
  • Thunderbird setup issues.
  • Issues in configuring Quick Filter Toolbar.
  • Updating problem.
  • Inbox flooded with phishing emails.
  • The issue in disabling the tab.
  • Mail filter not working properly.

The problem in receiving mail

If you’re a tough time in receiving the email, check the following prerequisites to make it operational once again.

  • Go to the setting of your email account and select Tools > Account Settings located in the Menu bar. To carry on with the proceeding, click the Server setting for the Account Settings. Noe go ahead and verify the connection information and ensure it matches with your account settings.
  • Make your ISP is working fine, to do so, verify the service status of your ISP for any technical snags. If everything is fine on the ISP part, check your account configuration.
  • If you have recently updated your Thunderbird account, the Firewall component of your antivirus program may be blocking access to your account. To subjugate this problem, go to the settings of your antivirus program and remove the Thunderbird from the Firewall’s list of program.

If all these attributes are working fine with your browser, Navigate to the Thunderbird windows, and explore the Options under the Tool menu. Now, on the Security panel, click Passwords>Saved Passwords. Choose the relevant account and click Remove. Now reopen the email account and enter the new password.

User can’t send the mail.

If you cannot send messages, then there must be something wrong with

  • SMTP outgoing email settings
  • ISP port configuration.
  • SMTP server.
  • Browser compatibility.

You can perform the following action to subjugate this problem.

  • On the Thunderbird Menu Bar, Tap the Menu button and select Options>Account Settings. Now cross check these setting against your mail settings and make sure there is no contradiction between them.
  • Go to the Accounting Settings from the browser’s main menu to check that you’re utilizing the correct SMTP server for your email address.
  • Verify that third-party antivirus suites or your ISP do not block your outgoing email.
  • Reset the SMTP password. Perform this action via ‘reset email password’ form on your ISP’s support website.

Thunderbird and Gmail configuration issues

Thunderbird can be configured with Gmail service. To configure Thunderbird with Gmail, first, you have to activate IMAP on your Gmail account. Next, on your Thunderbird account, choose File>New>Existing Mail Account. Now on the “Mail Account Setup” dialog box, enter your account details. Click Done when configuration setup complete. In case if this method doesn’t work, the Thunderbird expert will help you to control the situation. All you need to dial the toll-free number to report your query to the professional.

The problem in sending the large attachment

Not every email client give you a liberty of sending a large attachment. Thunderbird let the user upload large attachments to an online storage service and further that replaces peculiar attachment with a link. The Filelink could be configured in the following way.

  • On the Thunderbird window, select Tools>Options.
  • Choose Attachments>Outgoing tab.
  • Click the Add button.
  • Under Set up Filelink panel, choose the desired service provider from the drop-down list.
  • Click Setup Account to create a new account.
  • Click Setup Account.

Connect with Thunderbird technical support for subtle support

Email issues are intermittent in nature and could be resolved without much of an effort provided you have right guidance for that. Anyway, if you need any help on the email issue, you can discuss the concern with Thunderbird customer care or Thunderbird live chat experts.