Microsoft edge is a leading web browser that fit for the modern age. It got all the right ingredients that lack in the Internet Explorer. It was launched in 2015 as a lightweight browser. Since then it has thrived into a proficient internet tool. Of course, it has some issues just like other web browsers. If you have no idea how to settle those snags quickly then Microsoft customer care can help you out.

Let’s have a look on some common issues with Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft Edge doesn’t open

Even though the Microsoft edge offers seamless performance, it often freezes, hangs, and even become unresponsive for no reason. There is some workaround that you can try to counter this issue.

Restart your system

Indeed it sounds cliche but it does work in most of the scenario. Rebooting can rectify the system vulnerability and temporary issues thus help your browser to open without any hassle.

Go for the system update

Updating can rejuvenate your system to perform even better, yet, most of the user ignore this crucial requirement. By running the Windows Update, you can get rid of the system vulnerabilities and outdated files. To check for update, click Start button and then open Settings. After that, go to the Update & security and click Windows update. Now here you need to choose the “ Check for Updates”

Reset the browser

If the above workaround fails, you can try reset the browser straight away. However, there is a caveat for that, resetting will get rid off everything spared on your browser including cookies, and history. If that sounds good to you then you can find these options in the following way.

  • Click the Start tab, and then explore the Settings.
  • After that, hover to the Advanced options via Microsoft edge. 

Microsoft Edge doesn’t work

Microsoft Edge doesn’t goes that way very often. As it’s quite seamless and hassle-free in terms of performance. If you were unable to browse the website through your browser, you can try these following technique.

Delete junk file from the browser

Perhaps the easiest workarounds you can avail to fix this issue. Clearing the cache will sometimes resolve this peculiar problem. Fix this problem in the following way

  • On your Edge browser, select history from the left pane.
  • Click clear history.
  • After that select the Browsing history and Cached data and files.
  • Select Clear.

Defragged your PC

When was the last time you avail the defragmentation process on your system? Nearly all browser write and read to your SSD or hard drive, thus, un-optimized storage can mess up the situation. Navigate to the File Explorer, right click on your drive, select Properties, explore the Tools tab and click the Optimize button.

Look for System File Checker

Another sound alternative to fix this annoying issue. System File Checker will scan your system for any potential file error and try to fix it. Tap on the Start button and open the Windows PowerShell (Admin). Type “SFC / scannow” in the prompt box and hit the Enter key.

Flash player isn’t working

If you’re experiencing trouble while watching the favourites video on the browser, the flash player may be the main culprit. Microsoft edge generally comes with a pre-installed Flash Player. User needs to make sure that is activated on the browser. To verify whether it is active or not, go to the settings of your browser and explore the Advanced settings. Locate the Use Adobe Flash Player toggle from the top of the roll-out panel. Now you have to simply turn on that toggle and refresh the browser afterwards.

Browser crashing frequently

Its could really awkward for the user to deal with such kind trouble on the browser. If your browser crashing randomly without any legitimate reason, you can take the advantage system file checker on your system. If it didn’t fix the issue, try to wipe out the junk file from the browser or call an expert for quick support.

Call Microsoft Edge Customer care for a resolution to a browser issue.

The experts at Microsoft Edge customer support try their best to deliver quality support on browser issue. The best way to connect with the Microsoft Edge customer service professional is the toll-free number. You can use this platform to avail high-quality voice call support or Microsoft Edge live chat support.