Majority of users often reckon Kodak as a world leader in the field of optics. However, only a few are aware that it also manufactures various type of cutting-edge printers as well. Kodak printer is smartly designed to counter various printing requirements with ease. Both that doesn’t mean that Kodak printer not subjected to technical issues. Nearly all printer brand imitate each other in terms of underlying construction.  So this is the reason why Kodak printer also faces the heat of the technical problems. Of course, printer manual is always there to help you out provided you know how to execute it correctly. Connecting with Kodak customer support is the best possible alternative under those circumstances.

Kodak printer common issues

●    Kodak printer paper jams.

●    Printer not working on Wi-Fi

●    Printer spooling issues.

●    The printer can’t print.

●    Paper feed issues.

●    Toner cartridges smear

●    Subpar print quality.

●    Duplex printing mode not working.

●    Variable print density across the printout.

Tips to overcome paper jam quickly

To get started, first, you need to turn off the machine and then open the roller access panel. After that try to locate any obstruction and then carefully remove it, preferably with the help of printer manual.

Here comes the second tip- Follow the regular path of the paper to unjam the printer. Printer component follows the predefined path during the printing session. So when a paper jam occurs, it’s better to let your printer complete the cycle to restore the paper jam. Going against this protocol may result in a backtrack, so be cautious with your approach.

What to do when the printer doesn’t print?

Make sure the connectivity is intact via USB or Ethernet cable.  In the wireless printing mode, ensure that the Wi-Fi is enabled and connected to the right network.

Make sure your printer driver is working correctly.  In case if it becomes corrupted, reinstalled it right away. Navigate to the manufacturer’s download page to find the right version of the driver.

Consult the printer’s User Manual, if you don’t find the above advances helpful.

How to restore the compromised print speed?

Some printers are fast while some printers are slow. However, it’s entirely possible to crank up the printing speed of your stubborn printer. If you are quality conscious, then you can print in the draft mode, as it can boost up the print speed significantly.

Incorrect envelope printing

The inaccurate envelope printing could be triggered by incorrect loading of the envelope. Here’s something you can do to resolve this issue.

  • Remove the entire bundle of an envelope from the paper tray.
  • Tap the stack of envelopes on the hard surface in a verticle position to align them properly.
  • Reload the stack back to the paper tray.
  • Slide the paper guide to intact the placement of the envelope stack.
  • Contact the expert if this doesn’t fix the issue.

How to avoid low quality print?

When your printer suddenly starts delivering sub-par print quality then don’t take it too seriously, it quite usual with printing machine. You can resolve it by choosing the draft mode in the printer settings. If you’re using the laser printer, then dislodge the cartridges from the machine and reinstall it again after shaking. Meanwhile, in the case of the inkjet printer, explore the maintenance menu to clean up the nozzle of the printer.

Connect with Kodak professional for printer support

Whether you are using the brand new printing machine or relying on old school printer, Kodak engineer will bring your device back to action in no time. The professionals at Kodak live service support deliver excellent support on printer issues to the user of Australia. Connect with us today via our toll-free line. With Kodak live chat support at your disposal, you can outshine printer quirks with easy workarounds provided by the experts. While Kodak does render live chat service for quick support, they also offer a voice call option to the users. In total, there are three modes of communication that let you keep in touch with professionals. The best way to connect with Kodak customer care or Kodak customer service expert is a voice call option. To avail this mode of communication, you need to dial a toll-free number