Juno originated as a free email service provider and later expanded its offerings in the field ISP.For the most part, Juno mail is a simple looking email client that holds all the necessary feature. However, that doesn’t imply that it doesn’t fall in the vicinity of technical snags. Juno account holder can address their technical queries to Juno support experts to avail easy resolutions.

Here is some common Juno email problem, contact our professional once you encounter then your account.

Netscape Mail – “Server not responding.”

This error code generates due to incorrect mail server settings. To correct your settings, kindly go through the below instructions carefully.

  • Double click to open the Netscape Navigator.
  • Click the options from the menu bar and select Mail and News Preferences
  • Explore the server tab.
  • Now type authsmtp.juno.com in the SMTP server field.
  • Similarly, enter the pop.juno.com in the POP3 server text box.
  • In the POP3 User Name, type the member id.
  • Navigate to the Identify tab.
  • In the Preferences window, enter your all the log in detail including name and reply to address.

Microsoft Outlook – “The MAPI Spooler Has Shut Down Unexpectedly. Close All Mail-Enabled Applications Before Attempting to Log On Again.”

This error codes display the snag between the Outlook 97 and Eudora 3.x Pro. Deactivating the Eudora’s MAPI service is the best possible for this technical error.

Steps to deactivate the Eudora’s MAPI service:

  • Explore the Eudora’s pro
  • From the menu bar, click the Tools bar.
  • Choose options from the drop-down menu.
  • On the left side, scroll down in the category list to choose MAPI.
  • Select Never under “use Eudora MAPI server”.
  • Click OK and close the application
  • Restart Outlook.

Juno issues with the Outlook express

Sometime Juno doesn’t work seamlessly with Outlook account. You might try to reopen the application with a stable internet connection to fix the issue. If it doesn’t render the positive result, try the below procedure.

  • Open the Outlook Express application
  • Click the Tool tab from the menu bar.
  • Now select options from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the connection tab and uncheck the following option- Hang up after sending and receiving.
  • Click OK to continue.

It seems that Juno ambitious effort to upgrade its email platform has ended up quite bad. Reportedly, many users have been coming across the severe outage on their account. The recent update is creating the following issues.

  • Inbox folder showing no content at all.
  • Email message not loading quickly.
  • Send and Delete button end up inactive.

To counteract this issue, you might need to adjust Internet Explorer security settings in the following way.

  • Open the Internet Explorer program.
  • Move your cursor to the top right corner and click the gear icon.
  • Choose an internet option.
  • From the top menu, click the Advanced tab.
  • Navigate to the Browsing header, and then uncheck the option which states “Enable third-party browser extensions.”

If this doesn’t work as expected,  clear up the temporary files from the browser, and then reopen the Juno again.

Delete and Send button not working

You can counteract this issue with the help of an expert, but there is something you can do it from your end. Once you encounter this problem, don’t dive straight into the email setting, instead, open your browser and clear up the junk files. In most case, this trick works like a charm, as it could rectify loads of snags with your email account. However, the exception is everywhere, so if this method doesn’t end up well, disable your security program, including anti-spyware software and firewalls on your system. Hopefully, that can fix the issue promptly,

Avail unparalleled support from Juno Live Chat

We all are accustomed to technical issues that generate on our email account from time to time. Under hectic time-constrained, it is not possible for the user to resolve the email issue promptly. If you’ve been experiencing this scenario for a while and looking for an alternative solution, you can contact the Juno customer support experts on Juno Live Chat. Juno customer holds a versatile database of frequently asked questions and answers that further utilized by the Juno customer service experts to deliver quick and standardized responses.