Video playback issues

Its needless to mention that every browser requires a flash player to execute the video online. If you’re experiencing the issue in playing videos in the Internet Explorer, try to run the video in the desktop browser by clicking the wrench tab and selecting View in the desktop option. However, there is a caveat to note down, make sure not to play the video in InPrivate Browsing. If this fails, try to take advantage of Compatibility View in the browser, hopefully, that might work for you.

The picture isn’t accessible

Clear up the browser’s junk file in the first place if you want to fix this issue quickly. However, if it didn’t fix the problem, try to access the picture in the compatibility mode or turn off the tracking protection feature.

Error 404

If you’re encountering 404 errors with the internet connectivity intact, try resetting the browser. To do so, click the gear icon and select the Internet options. Make sure to click the Reset tab duly mentioned under the Advanced tab. When the next windows appear, click Reset. Tap on the Close button and then OK. After that, you need to reboot the system for the changes to take effect.