Email is an absolute necessity in this digital age. We used it to stay in touch with friends and colleagues, keep up with the on-going events, news, and many more. In short, we can’t live without it. On the work front, the email also helps the user to be more productive at their task. The email outshines other modes of communication when it comes to the secured transaction of data. Nearly all the email client enriched with military-grade encryption, but, no one matches the footprint of Gmail. It is, by far the most refined and secured email client in the world. Even though Gmail is highly intuitive and nearly flawless, its user across Australia confronts the various type of technical flaws on their email account.

Gmail typical issue and troubleshoot

Gmail not working on iOS device. What to do?

Frankly, Gmail works like a charm across various platform and devices. In case, if you are unable to access your Gmail account on the iPhone or iPad, try the given steps carefully.

Method 1

●    Navigate to the setting and open account and password option.

●    Find out Google and tap the remove option

●    Follow the same approach to add the account

●    Tap on the Add account alternative and follow on-screen prompts.

Method 2

●    Open the settings on your iOS devices

●    Tap the option- “Mail, Contacts, Calendars.”

●    Tap add account to continue.

●    Enter your details such as name, address, password in the respective field.

●    Tap Next to proceed further.

●    Select “enable iPhone” and spare the settings

Method 3

●    In the iPhone settings, open the General Settings.

●    Tap reset network setting and then reset.

●    Enter your passkey to acknowledge the reset process.

Outlook can’t connect to Gmail.

Try this simple method to fix this problem in no time.

●    Open your Gmail account and click the gear icon.

●    Choose Settings to continue.

●    Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab from the top menu.

●    Now go back and click the profile picture.

●    Tap on the My Account option.

●    Explore Sign-in & security and locate App passwords on the next window.

●    Enter the Gmail password.

●    From the drop-down menu, either choose the app or device.

●    Click Generate button.

●    Now Gmail server will provide the 16 digit password that you have to use in Outlook account.

Can’t use Gmail from Outlook?

The Outlook makes the email management for more convenient to the user. So that’s why users want to set up their Outlook account to fetch emails from Gmail.

●    Open your Gmail account and click the gear icon.

●    Choose Settings to continue.

●    Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab from the top menu.

●    Tap on the Add a forwarding address.

●    Enter your Outlook password in the “Add a forwarding address” dialogue box.

●    Click Proceed in the confirmation window.

●    Go back to your to the inbox of your Outlook account.

●    Locate the verification email from Google.

●    Open the email and click the link to verify your ownership.

Can’t create a signature for outgoing mail?

The majority of Gmail user is unaware that they can create a signature in their email settings. The given steps will help you to add a signature on your Gmail account.

●    Open the Gmail account and open the main menu by clicking the Gear icon.

●    Click the General tab from the top menu.

●    Scroll down and locate the Signature option.

●    Create your signature in the compose window.

●    Scroll down and click Save Changes.

Gmail password resetting issue

Changing the password on the regular premise is one the vital undertaking to intact the security of the account. Gmail instead render an easy process to reset the password, yet many users failed to avail that correctly. Contact Gmail customer support experts immediately if you’re facing this issue for a while. 

Contact Gmail expert for email issues.

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