Firefox is a simple yet compelling browser. Firefox contains excellent features and excels on the class-leading interface. So that is why it is used by millions of user worldwide. Although the significant share of its user base is satisfied with its performance, there are still some issues that need to address. The anomalies like corrupt extension, device sync up, and error codes are quite prevalent with Firefox browser. If you are looking for a quick solution on the browser issue, it’s better for you to stay in touch with Mozilla Firefox customer care executive. The Mozilla Firefox customer support expert gives super detailed information about the browser issues and aids you to fix it quickly. Dial our toll-free to avail quality service from our certified professional.

Firefox tab crashes with Quick heal program.

With the recent update in the pipeline, Firefox team is gearing up to resolve this frustrating issue asap. Meanwhile, you can try the following method to restore that issue.

Click to open the Quick heal antivirus

On the home interface, explore the Internet and Network option.

Under this Option, deactivate the Browser Sandbox setting by clicking the toggle next to it.

Restart Firefox to save the changes.

Firefox can’t load the website.

Firefox couldn’t load the website in the following scenarios.

●    Firewall block the internet connection.

●    Time is not set up correctly on the system.

●    Inconsistency between the DNS server and the IP address.

●    The access points are not legit on the wireless connection.

●    ISP issues

●    Overloaded DNS server.

To resolve this issue on the quicker premise, you must look for expert support like Avast customer care.

Firefox keeps on crashing.

This is another common issue that tends to creep up every time during the browsing session. Updating Firefox to the latest version is something you can do in the first place to resolve this issue quickly. The given procedure will let you update your browser with ease.

●    On the Mozilla browser, click the menu tab.

●    Choose About Mozilla.

●    Firefox will automatically look for the relevant update and download it.

●    Once the download process completes, click “Restart to update the browser.”

If the above technique didn’t help you out, conduct the following test carefully.

  • Explore the menu tab, tap Help, and choose Restart with Add-ons Disabled.
  • Under  Firefox Safe Mode window, Click the Option stating “Start in Safe Mode.”

If the result is positive, deactivate the hardware acceleration in the following way.

●    Explore the menu tab and choose Option.

●    Hover to the General panel and deselect “Use recommended performance settings” under the performance option.

●    Deselect “Use hardware acceleration when available” by unchecking it.

●    Close the Firefox and restart it again.

Extension deactivation issue

Not all extensions are legit, and that’s why they must get disabled asap. If you have any issues regarding this, call our expert at Firefox customer care or try to implement the following resolution.

●    Go to Menu>Add-ons>Extensions.

●    Choose the extensions you want to disable.

●    Click Disable to disable that particular extension.

●    Now repeat this method to deactivate other extensions as well.

●    Click Restart Firefox.

Firefox account deletion issue

If for some reason you want to delete the Firefox account and didn’t get succeeded, try the following steps to get it done in no time.

●    Visit Firefox sign in page.

●    Log into your account.

●    At the bottom, tap on the Delete button under the Delete account section.

●    Enter your passkey and click Delete account tab to wrap up the process.

 Firefox Account password recovery issue

If by any means you have lost your Firefox Account password and failed to recoup it, kindly make your way to our experts at Firefox live chat. Follow these steps if you want to get the new password.

●    On the Firefox browser, hover your cursor to the top Menu and select Firefox Account.

●    Tap on the Turn on Sync option.

●    Now you will land on the sign in page where you need to click “Forgot password?” link.

●    Now carefully go through the on-screen instruction to change your password.

●    Contact the expert if something goes wrong.

Make your browsing seamless with Firefox Live Chat.

Browsers are sensitive towards technical glitches as they bound to occurs overtimes. The 100% omission of the browser quirks is practically impossible. However, there is one thing that users from Australia can do to stay abreast of this situation – contact Mozilla Firefox Live Chat or Mozilla Firefox Live Service.