Cisco is arguably is the most reliable router’s brand in the world, and its performance reflects this. While you can buy a generic router, you won’t be able to avail Cisco’s iconic signal quality, nor security features. Wireless internet has made our lives way more conducive. All it takes to set up the router in a few easy steps, and we can enjoy high-speed data wirelessly. Being a sophisticated device, the router always baffled users with an endless number of problem. From poor signal reception to security bugs, the router’s issues could be overwhelming for the user. Fortunately, now there is a way by which you can perish router issue in no time. Connecting with the experts of Cisco customer service might help you a lot in that aspect.

Poor signal coverage

Wi-Fi is radio waves that broadcast in all periphery from the central location. If you located your router in a far corner of the house, the chances of getting a good signal to diminish apparently. So settings up the router back to its best operating place probably help you out to counter that issue. You can avail the excellent and consistent signal reception by merely placing the router near to your devices. If you’ve external antennas, try adjusting them by manually alternating between fully horizontal and vertical positions. 

If you live in the vicinity where there are too many routers than your device might not work full throttle. The free software like Wi-Fi Analyzer will render you brief information on the current network structure. This will help you to figure out channels layout that is being used by the nearby wireless network, thus, let you opt less congested channel.

If none of the above works, you might need to get the wireless repeater to extend the coverage of your router. On the flip side, you can also connect with professionals to get in-depth information on the issue. 

Poor internet speed

Poor internet speed has nothing to takes with the performance of the router. If speed is down, then you probably connect with your ISP immediately. If that’s not the issue, make sure to alter the channel on your router via router’s settings. If that’s doesn’t help, performing a factory reset could be the viable option in that case. To reset your device, locate the reset button (probably located at the back of the router) and press it with the help of a paperclip for 10 seconds. If all these workarounds failed, make sure to contact the expert of Cisco Live Chat.

Cisco Connectivity Issue

If you’re confronting severe connectivity issues with your Wi-Fi network, connect your system to the router via an Ethernet cable, and see whether it help or not. If that works without any hassle, your Wi-Fi is plagued with the issue. But if it doesn’t then there might be a problem with your internet. In that case, you might like to have a word with your ISP.

Resetting your router can resolve many issues and performance lags as well. The factory reset directs the router to its default operating condition.

Users enable to locate the Wi-Fi network.

If you fail to keep track of your Wi-Fi network on your device, it’s highly probable that your device reset itself. In that case, arrange an ethernet cable and connect your modem to the WAN port. After that call the Cisco’s experts for further instructions.

Router crashes regularly

If your device is facing this particular outage for a while, then make sure to reset the router to regain its default configuration. If that’s failed to restore the issue, update the firmware of the device immediately.

Firmware update issue

Every router needs an update regularly. Uploading new firmware to the router is somewhat an easy undertaking. The following instructions will help you to complete that task.

●    Install a TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) server on your system.

●    Configure the TFTP software to run as a server (computer), rather than as a client (router).

●    Now choose an IOS image from the OEM site and download it to an outbound directory of TFTP server.

●    Use the default router’s console cable to set up connectivity between to the router and your system.

●    Boot the router and type enable at the prompt and press Enter.

●    Copy the IOS to the flash memory.

●    Enter copy tftp: flash at the prompt.

●    Enter the ip address at the prompt of the TFTP server and press enter.

●    Enter the name of the IOS file to the TFTP server and press enter.

●    And at the last, type show version at the prompt.

●    This will upgrade the router.

Router not working? We can help

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