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Now Windows 10 has dethroned Windows 7 in the performance department. With subtle refinement over the previous generation, its popularity seems to be thriving quite aggressively. The sequel to Windows 8 has been out for a while and given users plenty of time to pinpoint its loose ends. Fortunately, the majority of the Windows 10 glitches have been fixed out by Microsoft in the past years. There are still some loopholes that have either lingered or have been induced by recent Windows updates. If you’re having a tough time in the fixing the common issues of the Windows 10 OS then you should go through this blog. In case, if you have any issues in comprehending the given content then you can hover to the Windows 10 Live Chat platform for the quick assistance.

Here are some common Windows 10 issues.

Cluttered home screen and Start Menu

The Start Menu can become cluttered when you install too many applications on the system. Notably, the Windows 10 OS allows you to tweak the size of the menu as well as add and remove programs and shortcuts as per your requirement. To smoothen out the home screen,  you can simply drag the desired programs and apps onto the menu to add them.

Live tile becomes too messy

Live tile could consume a lot of CPU power if you’re still using the older system. To get bring thing back on track, you can turn off this option anytime. To deactivate one specific tile, Hover the cursor over the tile, right-click it and then select More > Turn Live Tile off.

On the counterpart, if you don’t want to see any tile on the interface, just explore the Startup menu and enter gpedit.msc in the given field. Now follow the given instruction carefully.

  • Open the Local Computer Policy and then navigate to the User configuration.
  • Now under User Configuration windows, select Administrative Templates.
  • Click Start Menu and Taskbar and then choose Notification.
  • Now double click ‘Turn off tile notifications’ option and select enable.

Slow system performance

There are loads of options which Windows 10 offers to speed up the PC. One of the conducive ways to do so is managing your startup programs. Having fewer applications boot during startup can completely revamp your system. You can do this in the following way

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys simultaneously.
  • Now select More details and hover to the Startup
  • Now from this peculiar window, choose the application you want to load during the booting process.

In contrast, if you still face sluggishness on the system, try restarting Windows Explorer to combat this situation. The process is fairly straightforward Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys simultaneously to open the Task Manager and locate the Windows Explorer in the list. After that, you simply need to right-click and choose the restart to initiate the fresh reboot. If the issue still irritates you then immediately give us a call on Windows 10 Customer Support Number where the experts are ready to offer you prompt support on technical issues.

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