Printers are meant to make our life easier, but there are specific issues that infest their performance often. In this blog, we will pay attention to the four most obnoxious problems with the HP printer. HP offers class-leading printing machine to the global market. The brand always strives to upscale the performance of its printer line up through the accumulation of modern hardware and software. But that doesn’t ensure its seamless performance over time.

OK! Let’s get on with the topic. Here’s the list of most annoying issues with the HP printer.

Printer not responding to the print command.

Indeed, it is one of the most frustrating problems with the modern-day printer. If your machine stops responding to the print command. The easiest way to restore this problem is to get rid of the print jobs from your system that connected to your printer. Once you did that, make sure to reboot your printing machine immediate. This is the most convenient way to reconcile this issue. On the other hand, if the problem still continues to baffle you, cut off the power of the printer, hold up a couple of seconds and then powered up it again.

Access denied

What can be more frustrating than a message coming up stating access denied when you have a lot of stuff to get covered for printing? This could pop up on both office and home networks. The problem is more inevitable on XP and Vista powered system.

Steps to counter access denied on your printer

  • On the Windows taskbar, click the Start tab and open the control panel.
  • Select Hardware and Sound>Device and Printer.
  • Click Add a local printer and create the new port.
  • Now follow the prompts to complete the setup. You may now able to print to that machine.

Slow printing

Well, it’s impossible to avail speedier print with the high-quality setting, that’s a cliche and even with the likes of HP printer has to deal with it. If you’re not quality conscious and can stay with the lower possible setting, then you may not confront this issue in the future. Navigate all the way to print density through the main menu and select the default print setting to crank up the print speed. Also, you have to make sure that you’re not running your machine in the duplex printing mode.

Mediocre text quality

Radically, the print quality of text depends on the type of printer you’re using. The laserjet printer is meant to produce professional looking documents; meanwhile, the inkjet printer excels on efficiency. But there is something you can do to improve the text quality. The following tips could help in that regards.

  • Go to the print setting and turn off the Draft mode.
  • Make sure you are using the recommended paper type.
  • Take the cartridges out from the laser printer and shake it side to side and then reinstall it back to the assembly.
  • The inkjet printer, try to clean the nozzle and align the print head as per the printer manual.

The printer is a complex and perhaps the most delicate piece of equipment.  Indeed it does confront numerous hardware and software related anomalies from time to time. The above solutions will be sufficed to restore the given printer issues. You can also make your way to HP customer service to avail quality support on the printer problem.

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